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The Balloon industry in South Africa is something new to most people but the public love this and the possibilities are endless. 

The quality of the balloons and equipment ensure amazing results.

We all do the things we have to in life, but I believe if you do the things you really have a passion for it will bring joy and success to your life.  My passion always was with people but more specific children.  After 16 years in Educational Equipment and training, I just knew it was time for something new.

When I saw for the first time the extend of what Balloon décor really is and on what scale the rest of the world is doing this I was overwhelmed, and immediately fell in love with it and knew this is fairly new in South Africa and  will bring so much pleasure into people’s life’s!!

There is no industry where you do not start from the bottom and learn from every experience until you get to the top.  The most rewarding of all is the look on peoples face when they see a spectacular balloon decoration for the first time.  What people enjoy most is to see how their own vision of what their birthday, corporate function, and business launches etc turn into when it is created into a Balloon Fantasy!!

Our vision at Balloon Fantasy is to live life by faith daily and to assist people when planning the perfect business or personal balloon decorated event.


Lydia Venter